Client Stories

I have been working out with Amando since July 2012. When I first met Amando I weighed 270 pounds and had just started a new fitness and nutrition regime. Today, I weigh 204 pounds, never felt better and turned my life around in a big way. Amando has inspired me to make a lifestyle change and treat my fitness regime as a way of life. Our workouts are always challenging, always original and always push me to my limit. Amando is a true professional, always gives 110% to each client and certainly practices what he preaches... His disposition is a main factor of his success, he brings out the best in every single client time after time. To work out with Amando is a privilege.
Arnan Goldenberg
The first time I met Amando, I was at my most uncomfortable stage of my life to date. My weight was higher than I was ever able to picture myself being and my self-esteem and motivation were at an all-time low. Everything to follow that day was nothing short of a perfect partnership in meeting my goals and pushing me to a comfort I never imagined I would have again. Amando met me when I felt broken and wasn’t sure where to go from where I was; but I knew I couldn’t stay where I was at. I decided to seek out someone to help me get my weight under control to see if that could change me and help me start to change myself. Since day one I have felt not only that I have been empowered and educated but motivated and comforted as well. Every workout was challenging and every question I ever had was answered; With each session I was developing faith in myself to one day be doing these things on my own, to be motivated enough to set foot in a gym alone. Although, I can admit that not every day was easy but I had someone to get me through it (someone very accessible I might add) and step by step I saw the old me fading away to a stronger version. These words will never do Amando justice, to the man I have been lucky enough to not only call my Trainer but now has become someone I am honoured to know and call my friend. He has been there whenever needed in fitness but also was so in tune with my emotional states that I could never walk in to see him without him knowing where my head was. My requests were tailored, my injuries looked after and workouts altered when needed. Every goal we set in the beginning was surpassed and I was constantly shown that I can be better, be stronger, be happier. I have never met someone so empathetic in a professional role in my life and will always have higher standards for fitness professionals because of him and our journey thus far. I was lucky enough to have him stand in support with me to face so many of my fears and to leave the old me behind. Together I have lost 40 something pounds and shed so much of a broken girl that didn’t have any faith in herself. Amando has been the driving force behind my life changing fitness journey and I could never give him less credit than he deserves; he is the reason I am who I am now and I could never thank him enough for seeing in me what I couldn’t that first day. " The words don't do you justice, thank you for every moment you have given me to date and any time I get with you in the future. I hope your family is half as proud of the person you are as I am.
Jodie Schuyler
Training with Amando Campbell has been a family affair. It began with our daughter, at the age of 13, going to Amando for speed and agility training to strengthen her position on her competitive soccer team. As one of his younger clients, Amando was sensitive to her age and body limitations and twice a week developed creative and challenging programs that made a noticeable difference to her speed on the soccer field. Our son, committed to playing college lacrosse, followed with a focus on weight training to develop power, strength and size. Recognizing his athleticism, and knowing that he would be playing his sport at a high level, Amando created a unique and aggressive training program to suit his goals. Dad, a busy executive, was next with the goal of trimming a few midsection inches. Amando focused on a mix of cardio and weights. Mom was the last to join, with strength and endurance training once a week to supplement her running as she trained for a half marathon. She arrived with a calf injury, that Amando monitored throughout workouts and with his knowledge and expertise developed an adaptable program. The run is over, but weekly training with Amando continues. We would highly recommend Amando as a trainer. He has the knowledge and expertise to develop a unique program based on an individual’s age, goals and schedule. Amando’s workout are always challenging. There are days when the word “joy” does not come to mind during his workout, however, he is always upbeat and positive and he pushes you to be your best. Amando sets a admirable example for his clients with his own exercise, wellness and lifestyle choices.
Cindy Secord
I had just turned 37, a husband and father of 2 young toddlers, and a busy working professional. I found myself constantly scrambling to find enough time in the day. My physical health invariably often took a back seat to everything else in my life. I was once active, athletic, and revelled in pushing my physical limits. Now my life had quickly transformed into a predictable cycle of work and family. Definitely a more sedentary lifestyle. I had tried a variety of fitness regimens in my 30s including working out on my own, group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, personal training, running clinics, and mixed martial arts. Although I found many of these activities engaging on a short term basis, nothing seemed to really resonate with what I was seeking. Then I met Amando. And everything changed. Amando is truly a master of his art. His energy and passion are palpable every time we meet. He possesses an uncanny ability to carefully craft each workout to be fun and unique - a refreshing change to the many other fitness activities I had tried. My only job with Amando is simply to bring it! Something I find easy to do with this style of training. Under Amando, I have generated results very efficiently, but more importantly, I have fun embracing each of his fitness challenges. It has been nothing short of awesome!
Terry Chung
Signing up for training with Amando is one of the smartest choices I’ve made in the last couple of years. When I started I was a lazy, 230lb couch potato with 30% body fat and embarrassingly weak. The first fitness assessment was a real wake-up call for me on just how out-of-shape I actually was. Amando assured me that with time, and lots of hard work, we’d reach my goals of trimming fat and increasing muscle mass. Amando’s genuine desire to see people succeed is probably the main reason I stuck it out during the beginning because I didn’t want to let him down by quitting. His motivation and drive are contagious and I quickly found myself adopting the same can-do attitude Amando has. With every session, he pushes me a little harder each time we meet I feel the progress we’re making. He never lets me quit, and always calls me out when I’m being a little lazy. The workouts are always fun (although painful at times), and you never know what you’re going to get when you walk in the door. Each session is unique and I never find myself getting bored of the same old routine. There’s always lots of laughter in our training sessions and the hour just flies by because we’re having so much fun. Amando’s professionalism is second to none, and you can tell he loves his job. In fact, I’m not sure if he sees it as work, but more of a passion. I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today without him. He’s instilled a desire in me to lead a more healthy lifestyle that I never thought I would have. Amando is not just a great trainer, motivator, and mentor, he’s also become a great friend.
Tom Torokvei